Immigration and Visa Issues

Canada will increase deportation recovery fees in 2021 – escorted or unescorted removal costs

Canada intends to increase deportation recovery fees later in 2021. Both how the charge and the amounts have changed significantly.

Canada extends the grace period for restoration of status

Now that Canada has extended the grace period for restoration of status, you could quickly submit your application to avoid a removal order.

What is a voluntary departure or voluntarily withdrawing the application to enter Canada?

A voluntary departure is an alternative option for removal orders from Canada for those people who are inadmissible.

What is a Direction to Leave Canada?

Direction to Leave Canada is an official order by CBSA to leave the country. However, does it amount to a Removal Order?

Can I move out of the province after PNP?

When you immigrate to Canada under PNP programs, you claim you intend to reside in a specific province. However, can you move out later?

How can I resolve inadmissibility to Canada?

Several reasons could result in inadmissibility to Canada. However, you could sometimes resolve the issue temporarily or permanently.

Can a non-accompanying family member make me inadmissible?

Sometimes when you are immigrating to Canada, you could become inadmissible because of a non-accompanying family member.

Will a criminal charge against me affect my immigration to Canada?

When you immigrate to Canada, you must be admissible. Of course, the same rules apply to foreign nationals who want […]

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