Immigration and Visa Issues

Schedule A form Canada: The most important immigration form (IMM 5669 E)

Schedule A form is a critical form in immigration to Canada. Failure to properly filling this form could cause refusal or inadmissibility.

humanitarian applications

Canada refused more humanitarian applications for immigration in 2020

The number of Humanitarian and Compassionate application refusals increased from 35% in 2019 to almost 70% in the first quarter […]

Renouncing PR Status in Canada

Renouncing PR status means you voluntarily give up your permanent residency in Canada. Read this article for more information. 

PRTD validity and application – Permanent Resident Travel Document

A PRTD or Permanent Resident Travel Document allows a permanent resident without a valid PR card to travel to Canada.

COPR holders

COPR holders with expired documents still have hope

On June 21, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino opened up Canada’s border to COPR holders. On that day, approved permanent residents […]

Criminality versus serious criminality in immigration to Canada

Let’s compare inadmissibility because of criminality versus serious criminality in immigration to Canada. What are the solutions?

Rising misrepresentation cases in immigration to Canada?

Rising misrepresentation cases in immigration to Canada means more applicants could face inadmissibility or other consequences.

Standard of proof in immigration to Canada

The standard of proof in the context of immigration and citizenship in Canada plays a significant role. Let’s explore this concept.

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