Immigration and Visa Issues

Immigration and visa issues could include any of the following:

  • Refusals
  • Inadmissibility hearings
  • Removal and deportation orders
  • Procedural fairness letters for misrepresentation or other issues

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    What circumstances put a removal order on hold in Canada?

    This article addresses removal orders and especially those circumstances that put them on hold. A concise guide for practitioners!

    Vavilov decision: A turning point in Canadian judicial review

    Vavilov decision by the Supreme Court of Canada has affected the standard of review for the Federal Court and other entities.

    Permanent resident applications and maintained status in Canada

    Does a permanent resident application allow you to remain in Canada under a maintained status (or implied status)?

    Medical examination for a visa or immigration to Canada

    Medical examination is a necessary element of many visa and immigration applications in Canada. The outcome could affect your admissibility.

    Section 16(1) and 40(1) in Canadian procedural fairness letters (PFL)

    Receiving a procedural fairness letter that contains either subsection 16(1) or 40(1) of IRPA is concerning.

    Getting a divorce for Canadian immigration purposes

    Is getting a divorce for immigration purposes an option? Can I later sponsor my divorced spouse or common-law partner?

    Speeding up the immigration or visa process in Canada

    Can you speed up the processing of your visa or immigration application in Canada? Let’s explore your potential options.

    Removing an enforcement flag – border crossing issues

    Enforcement flags cause you to face scrutiny every time you try to enter Canada at a port of entry. Let’s see how you may remove them.

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