Immigration and Visa Issues

You must leave Canada immediately!

The harsh phrase of “you must leave Canada” is not a removal order necessarily. However, you must know your options.

Reconsideration for visa and immigration application refusals in Canada

A successful reconsideration request could result in reopening or even approving an already refused visa or immigration application in Canada.

Time limits for IRB Canada – Meeting the deadlines

IRB time limits in Canada affect how you may proceed with an immigration or refugee hearing at ID, IAD, RPD, or RAD divisions.

Who issues removal orders in Canada?

Knowing who issues a removal order in Canada helps you understand your options to defend yourself. IRB conducts hearings, but not CBSA.

Travelling or immigrating to Canada with monkeypox

It seems monkeypox is our new reality. However, can monkeypox affect your plans to move to Canada? Let’s explore this […]

Marrying while immigrating to Canada

Marrying while immigrating to Canada could affect your immigration application. Make sure you know your options.

How to withdraw a visa or immigration application in Canada

Withdrawing a visa or immigration application in Canada could be daunting yet necessary. Know your options and the process.

Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) in visa and immigration applications

Not responding to a procedural fairness letter (PFL) could have significant consequences, but what is a PFL and how to address it?

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