Immigration and Visa Issues

Replacement of Temporary Resident Visa | Lost or damaged TRV stickers

Sometimes you need to apply for a TRV sticker replacement. For example, when you have a new passport or your visa sticker is damaged!

Can you travel to Canada with a missing or expired PR card?

Let’s explore the options who intend to travel to Canada with an expired PR card or if their card is being stolen.

Lost, stolen, or destroyed visas and other Canadian immigration documents

You may request IRCC to verify a lost visa or other Canadian immigration documents. The process also covers stolen and damaged records.

Valid visas in expired passports when travelling to Canada

Can you travel to Canada with a valid visa in an expired or damaged passport? What are your options in these situations?

Handling duplicate UCI numbers in visa or immigration to Canada

Duplicate UCI numbers in Canadian visa and immigration applications could cause problems. Let’s see how you can resolve this issue.

Can I enter Canada without a passport?

Sometimes people may enter Canada without a passport. You need to know who and what they could face at the port of entry.

Withdraw refugee claim in Canada | How to do it and the consequences

Learn how to withdraw a refugee claim in Canada. Also, let’s discuss the consequences of such withdrawals.

Restoration of status after 90 days in Canada

Is it possible to apply for a restoration of status after 90 days in Canada? There is no cookie-cutter option, but there is hope.

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