Immigration and Visa Issues

Immigration and visa issues could include any of the following:

  • Refusals
  • Inadmissibility hearings
  • Removal and deportation orders
  • Procedural fairness letters for misrepresentation or other issues

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    Can I work in Canada with an expired work permit?

    Work permit expiry indicates the date you may not continue working in Canada. However, can you work with an expired work permit?

    Work in Canada without authorization | Working illegally

    Working without authorization in Canada could put you in trouble. It also has significant consequences for employers.

    The difference between visa and temporary status in Canada

    Holding a Canadian visa is different from temporary status in Canada. Let’s explore the differences between these two.

    Replacement of Temporary Resident Visa | Lost or damaged TRV stickers

    Sometimes you need to apply for a TRV sticker replacement. For example, when you have a new passport or your visa sticker is damaged!

    Can you travel to Canada with a missing or expired PR card?

    Let’s explore the options who intend to travel to Canada with an expired PR card or if their card is being stolen.

    Lost, stolen, or destroyed visas and other Canadian immigration documents

    You may request IRCC to verify a lost visa or other Canadian immigration documents. The process also covers stolen and damaged records.

    Valid visas in expired passports when travelling to Canada

    Can you travel to Canada with a valid visa in an expired or damaged passport? What are your options in these situations?

    Handling duplicate UCI numbers in visa or immigration to Canada

    Duplicate UCI numbers in Canadian visa and immigration applications could cause problems. Let’s see how you can resolve this issue.

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