Immigration and Visa Issues

Can I move out of the province after PNP?

When you immigrate to Canada under PNP programs, you claim you intend to reside in a specific province. However, can you move out later?

How can I resolve inadmissibility to Canada?

Several reasons could result in inadmissibility to Canada. However, you could sometimes resolve the issue temporarily or permanently.

Can a non-accompanying family member make me inadmissible?

Sometimes when you are immigrating to Canada, you could become inadmissible because of a non-accompanying family member.

Will a criminal charge against me affect my immigration to Canada?

When you immigrate to Canada, you must be admissible. Of course, the same rules apply to foreign nationals who want […]

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Canada – PRRA

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment or PRRA is a process to make sure a removal order from Canada won’t send a person to an unsafe country. Eligibility varies.

Restoration of Status Canada

Restoration of Status in Canada is to assist people who have already lost their status as a visitor, worker or student to remain in Canada legally.

Ministerial Relief for Inadmissibility to Canada

An application for the Ministerial Relief could resolve inadmissibility Canada in certain circumstances. However, it is a delicate and complicated process.

Beware of Work Permit Scam

The only authority that issues work permits is the government of Canada. They never email you a work permit or issue work permits in soft copies. Beware of scammers!

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