Immigration and Visa Issues

Immigration and visa issues could include any of the following:

  • Refusals
  • Inadmissibility hearings
  • Removal and deportation orders
  • Procedural fairness letters for misrepresentation or other issues

Al Parsai, an RCIC-IRB, could assist you with all these matters. Please fill out the following form or book a consultation session with Al.

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    Deemed Rehabilitated in Canada – Deemed Rehabilitation

    Despite having a criminal record, you could be deemed rehabilitated under certain circumstances and immigrate or travel to Canada without any issues.

    Medical Inadmissibility to Canada

    Some people are inadmissible to Canada because of medical issues. What does constitute medical inadmissibility and how to resolve it?

    Authorization to Return to Canada – ARC Application

    If you leave Canada because of a removal order, you usually need an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) to get back to Canada.

    H&C Applications – Humanitarian and Compassionate Canada

    H&C applications enable a person to immigrate to Canada on humanitarian and compassionate considerations regardless of their eligibility.

    Removal Orders Canada – Deportation, Exclusion, Departure

    Removal orders and in Canada and potential temporary or permanent solutions for removal orders (exclusion, departure, deportation).

    Five potential options for visa or immigration application refusals

    Five potential options for visa o immigration application refusals shows you how to deal with the refusals in Canada.

    TRP – Temporary Resident Permit to Canada – A Remedy for Inadmissibility

    Temporary Resident Permit allows you to enter Canada despite being inadmissible. How do you obtain a TRP? For how long it is valid? What are the benefits?

    Who is Inadmissible to Canada? – Who May Not Visit or Immigrate to Canada?

    Some people are inadmissible to Canada. Inadmissibility to Canada means you may not immigrate or visit Canada. Who is inadmissible and how to resolve it?

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