Self-employed Immigration Canada

Immigration to Canada as self-employed personSome applicants may immigrate to Canada as self-employed people. Under federal options, self-employed immigration covers cultural activities and athletics only. However, there are two-stage options available to other groups of self-employed persons.

The articles and videos under this section cover different aspects of self-employed immigration to Canada.

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    Self-employed Athletes or Artists' Immigration to Canada

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    IELTS for self-employed immigration – Do I need to take the test?

    When you immigrate as a self-employed person, you could take the IELTS or other accepted language tests to show your mastery of Canadian languages.

    Net Worth Requirements Self-employed Immigration Canada

    How much net worth do you need for the self-employed immigration to Canada? This article explains net worth and migration for self-employed people.

    Who qualifies for Self-employed immigration to Canada

    In this video, you will learn who qualifies for Self-employed immigration. The video describes three main criteria for assessing these applications.

    Qualifying Period Federal Self-employed Immigration Canada

    Qualifying Period Federal Self-employed Immigration Canada defines whether you can count on your work experience or not. This article explains this subject.

    Minimum Income Self-employed Immigration Canada

    As a candidate for self-employed immigration to Canada, you must show income. If you do not meet the minimum income threshold you may not immigrate.

    Two-Stage Immigration for Entrepreneurs under IMP C11

    If you establish a business or purchase a company in Canada, you could receive a work permit under IMP C11.

    Immigration to Canada under the Federal Self-employed Program

    Self-employed immigration to Canada targets artists and athletes. It is a federal option for those who intend to be self-employed in Canada.

    Immigration to Canada for Athletes, Coaches, and Athletic Events Organizers

    The federal self-employed class is an opportunity for professional athletes to immigrate to Canada. However, you need to meet specific criteria.

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