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    Canada’s family sponsorship programs in 2021

    Canada’s family sponsorship programs in 2021 may not be that promising, but there is some glimpse of hope for the sponsors and applicants.

    Inland spousal sponsorship appeal in Canada

    Sometimes you could sponsor your spouse or common-law partner inside Canada. Is inland spousal sponsorship appeal an option in Canada?

    Sponsoring uncles or aunts to Canada: who qualifies?

    You could sponsor your uncle or aunt in immigration to Canada under special circumstances. Of course, conditions apply!

    Sponsor nieces or nephews to Canada: is it possible?

    If you intend to sponsor your nieces or nephews to Canada, make sure to read this article completely before taking further steps.

    Sponsor your conjugal partner to Canada

    You may sponsor your conjugal partner to Canada, despite the lack of cohabitation. However, you both must meet all the requirements.

    The election of Joe Biden and opportunities in Canada

    The changes in the United States’ administrative structure have expanded the opportunities to move and invest in Canada.

    Who you may sponsor to Canada in parental sponsorship

    In a parental sponsorship scenario, you must know who you may sponsor to Canada and eligible family members.

    Parental sponsorship process in 2020

    The parental sponsorship process in 2020 is different from the process in 2019. In fact, it is a lottery system rather than FCFS.

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