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    Canada will accept parental sponsorship applications on October 13, 2020

    IRCC will accept parental sponsorship applications on October 13, 2020, on a lottery-based system, which is different from what they promised.

    Minimum Income Spousal Sponsorship Canada

    When you are sponsoring a family member, you need to show minimum income. What about spousal sponsorship? What is the income you need?

    Sponsor Your Spouse or Common-Law Partner Inside Canada

    If you are co-habiting with your spouse or common-law partner, could sponsor them inside Canada. Conditions apply!

    Sponsor Your Spouse Outside Canada

    If your spouse lives outside Canada and you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you could sponsor them if you both meet the criteria.

    Definition of a Family Member for Immigration to Canada

    The definition of a family member for immigration to Canada could be confusing. This article explains this concept thoroughly.

    Marrying a Non-Canadian During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    If you intend to marry a non-Canadian during the coronavirus pandemic, expect challenges. However, we have some practical recommendations for you.

    Canada Immigration News – May 4, 2020

    This video discusses some of the latest news in the field of immigration to Canada. It shows how COVID-19 has affected the visa and immigration process.

    Direct Immigration to Canada, a Dream?

    Direct immigration to Canada means you have no previous association with the country, yet you can immigrate to Canada. Is this a dream or a reality?

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