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    Video: Spousal Sponsorship Canada

    Spousal sponsorship is a typical immigration option for those who marry Canadians or the permanent residents of Canada. This video explains this option.

    Fake Marriage Canada – Sham Marriage for Immigration Purposes

    Fake marriage or sham marriage is also known as the marriage of convenience and refers to marriage for the purpose of immigration to Canada…

    LICO Table 2020 – Low Income Cut-Off Canada

    LICO table 2020 reflects the low-income cut-off or rather the poverty line in Canada. The article also compares LICO for previous years (2018 & 2019).

    Parents Sponsorship 2020

    The “parents sponsorship” program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents to immigrate to Canada.

    Income for Sponsoring Parents in 2020

    You need to show you have enough income for sponsoring parents to Canada. The immigration authorities consider official reports by the CRA only.

    Fiancé Visa Canada – Visa for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

    If you wonder whether your fiancé, boyfriend, or girlfriend can visit Canada to stay with you for a while, read this article.

    Intake Process for Parental Sponsorship in 2019

    The start date of accepting parental sponsorship applications in 2019 along with required documents and conditions for the sponsors!

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