Study in Canada

IRCC introduces an extended open work permit for international students

Based on a new measure by IRCC, international students may receive an 18-month extended open work permit on top of their PGWP.

Study in Canada in 2021: options for international students

If you intend to study in Canada in 2021, please read this article to know your options as COVID-19 has affected the process.

The election of Joe Biden and opportunities in Canada

The changes in the United States’ administrative structure have expanded the opportunities to move and invest in Canada.

Canada published the list of approved educational institutions for in-person studies

Canada has imposed several travel restrictions on foreign nationals. Of course, the main reason is to protect Canadians’ health and […]

Open Study Permit Canada

An open study permit in Canada allows you to pick your school later when you move to Canada. However, how could you qualify for one?

Is Duolingo Test Accepted for Canada PR or Study Permit

If you wonder whether Duolingo is an approved test for Canada PR or Study Permit, read the article and also see the IELTS comparison table.

Can I stay in Canada?

You may stay in Canada if you are a Canadian citizen, but what about permanent residents or foreign nationals? What are the conditions?

Restoration of Status Canada

Restoration of Status in Canada is to assist people who have already lost their status as a visitor, worker or student to remain in Canada legally.

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