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Can minor children work in Canada?

It seems official sources are silent on the question of “Can minor children work in Canada?” This article addresses this question.

Can international students quit their studies in Canada?

Can international students quit studying in Canada, and if yes, what are the potential consequences for them?

Can I work as an ESL student in Canada?

Can you work as an ESL student in Canada? It all depends on your status in Canada. The current article explores your options.

Learning the English language in Canada

Canada enjoys two rich official languages: French and English. About two-thirds of Canadians consider English as their language. Therefore, Canada […]

IRCC introduces an extended open work permit for international students

Based on a new measure by IRCC, international students may receive an 18-month extended open work permit on top of their PGWP.

Study in Canada in 2021: options for international students

If you intend to study in Canada in 2021, please read this article to know your options as COVID-19 has affected the process.

The election of Joe Biden and opportunities in Canada

The changes in the United States’ administrative structure have expanded the opportunities to move and invest in Canada.

Canada published the list of approved educational institutions for in-person studies

Canada has imposed several travel restrictions on foreign nationals. Of course, the main reason is to protect Canadians’ health and […]

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