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Work Permit for Destitute Students in Canada

A destitute student is someone who cannot pay their tuition fee and other expenses because of sudden unforeseen issues. A work permit could help them.

The Basics: Learning in Canada and Ontario

Each year, about 317,000 students come to Canada for educational purposes. You may be wondering why they choose Canada as […]

Dual Intent Canada – Temporary Residents

Dual intent application for Canada means you already have a permanent resident application open, but you intend to visit Canada or study or work temporarily.

Biometrics for In-Canada Applicants

The government of Canada introduced biometrics for in-Canada applicants on December 3, 2019. If you are applying from inside Canada, read this article.

Canada Immigration 2020

This article focuses on Canada immigration in 2020. The government of Canada intends to accept more immigrants in 2020. Know your potential options!

Canada’s Approved Learning Institutions: Student Admission Services

With all of the learning institutions across Canada, it can be difficult to choose where and what to study. Parsai […]

Flagpoling Canada Immigration Law and Regulations for Practitioners

Flagpoling is possible because there are some laws and regulations that support in Canada. This article explores flagpoling from that angle.

Flagpoling Study Permit Canada

You may consider flagpoling for receiving a study permit to Canada. If you qualify, you will obtain your study permit at US-Canada land crossing.

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