Study in Canada

Canadian Immigration Processing Times: Seven Factors

When you submit an immigration application to Canada, you could face a significant processing time. This article explores the reasons behind delays.

Post Graduate Work Permit Canada – PGWP

Post Graduate Work Permit is a special open work permit for international students in Canada. It encourages them to stay and immigrate to Canada.

Working while studying in Canada

Most international students may study and work in Canada at the same time, but there are some expectations for working while studying in Canada.

Studying in Canada as a Minor

Minor children who intend to study in Canada at the pre-school, primary, or secondary levels, may need a study permit. Read the article for more information about study in Canada as a minor.

Applying for Study Permit within Canada

You usually need to apply for a Study Permit from outside Canada, but under certain circumstances, you apply from within Canada.

Designated Learning Institutions Canada

If you want a study permit to Canada you need to get admission from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). What is a DLI and how do you recognize them?

Study Permit – Study Visa – International Students in Canada

If you intend to study in Canada as an international student you need to obtain a Study Permit in most cases, but what is a Canadian Study Permit?

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