Temporary Residence in Canada

Ten scenarios of off-campus work: international students in Canada

We provide ten scenarios to simplify your understanding of off-campus work rules for international students in Canada.

Canada’s approach to the digital nomad visa for remote workers

Canada is exploring its options to issue digital nomad visas for IT professionals and others. What are the current options, though?

Temporary Resident Permits (TRP) in Canada: Case Type Codes

Temporary resident permits allows certain foreign nationals remain in Canada. The case type codes reflect the reasons for a TRP.

TRP for permanent resident applicants

It is possible to receive a TRP as a permanent resident applicant for early admission or under application cases.

Exploring the CAN+ visitor visa program: Easier access to Canada

The CAN+ visitor visa program allows certain visitors receive a decision on their Canadian TRV applications quickly.

Exploring benefits of Canada’s visa-exempt travel for 13 countries

Canada’s visa-exempt travel now covers 13 more nations, making visits for work or leisure more accessible.

Work permit for the spouse or common-law partners in Canada

Spousal and common-law partner sponsorship applicants and their children may apply for a work permit if in Canada.

Study permit and work permit at the same time

Sometimes you have the need to hold a work permit or a study permit in Canada at the same time, but is this possible?

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