Temporary Residence in Canada

Business Visitor Entry Under CUSMA for U.S. and Mexican Citizens

Learn the essentials for U.S. and Mexican business visitors entering Canada under CUSMA, ensuring compliant short-term business visits.

Business Legitimacy in Canadian LMIA Applications

Discover the essential documents and requirements for proving business legitimacy in LMIA applications. Meet Canadian immigration standards.

Innovation Stream Pilot Work Permit in Canada – IMP C88

Explore Canada’s Innovation Stream pilot work permit. Work for leading companies without an LMIA by joining the Global Hypergrowth Project.

Canada Visa Refusals: Impact of Family Ties

Explore how family ties outside Canada influence visa refusals and discover effective strategies to strengthen your visa application.

3M? Exploring PR Options for Canada’s Temporary Residents

Three million temporary residents in Canada seek paths to permanent residency. Let’s examine their options.

Compliance with study permit conditions in Canada

As an international student in Canada, you must adhere to specific conditions. Failing to comply can lead to serious consequences.

Ten scenarios of off-campus work: international students in Canada

We provide ten scenarios to simplify your understanding of off-campus work rules for international students in Canada.

Canada’s approach to the digital nomad visa for remote workers

Canada is exploring its options to issue digital nomad visas for IT professionals and others. What are the current options, though?

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