Temporary Residence in Canada

Global Talent Stream work permit in Canada

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) LMIA and work permit combination could assist employers in hiring foreign national professionals.

IELTS for work permit – A Federal Court point of view

Is IELTS test results a requirement for a work permit application? What if you do not submit IELTS for a work permit?

Submitting two extension applications for remaining in Canada

Submitting two extension applications in Canada to changing status or remaining in the country is possible, but complicating.

The new IMP C11 work permit requirements

IMP C11 allows self-employed people and entrepreneurs work in Canada on temporarily. See the changes in 2022.

Medical examination for a visa or immigration to Canada

Medical examination is a necessary element of many visa and immigration applications in Canada. The outcome could affect your admissibility.

You must leave Canada immediately!

The harsh phrase of “you must leave Canada” is not a removal order necessarily. However, you must know your options.

How long can I stay in Canada?

Canadian citizens may remain in Canada indefinitely. What about permanent residents, work permit or study permit holders, etc?

Using an old visa when changing the status to a worker or a student

You won’t receive a visa by changing your status in Canada from a visitor to a worker or a student. Can you travel with the old V-1 visa?

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