the highest paying jobs in Canada in 2023

Top 10: the highest paying jobs in Canada in 2023

The recruitment and HR services provider, Randstad Canada, delivered an extensive report on the best jobs in Canada 2023, as well as the best-paying jobs in the country. In a previous article, we explored the jobs that are seeing an increased demand for labour post-recovery. Now let’s check some of the best-paying jobs in Canada in 2023.

According to Randstad, despite the inflation and impending recession, salaries are trending up across numerous industries. “Salaries continue to rise because of factors such as skills shortages, talent shortages, rapid job growth, and confident job seekers who aren’t afraid to negotiate for better pay,” said the report.

The highest paying jobs in Canada in 2023

1. Full stack developer

The average full-stack developer makes around $85,000 per year in Canada. Moreover, full-stack developers in an entry-level position start at $75,000 per year, while most experienced full-stack developers can make upwards of $130,000 per year.

2. Financial analyst

Financial analysts help to enhance corporate success by spotting patterns in financial data and assisting senior management in making wise decisions. Jobs in this position remain in demand across many industries. Also, their salary averages have risen over the past couple of years. As a financial analyst, you can expect your salary to be between $80,000 to $120,000.

3. Human resources manager

This year, businesses are facing many challenges finding workers. Therefore, companies need HR managers to face challenges such as competitive job market, budget constraints, the looming skills gap, and different expectations (e.g. remote and hybrid work options). The report suggests that people working in the Human Resources field can expect high earning potential, job stability, and rising salaries.

In addition, the average human resources manager’s salary in Canada is $83,00 annually. Entry-level HR managers’ positions start at $80,000 annually, while most experienced workers make up to $110,000 annually.

4. Millwright

Millwrights are one of the fastest-growing trades. As machine automation increases, more millwrights will be required to keep those machines in good working order. Millwrights can earn between $50,000 at the entry-level and $95,000 for a more senior position.

5. Production supervisor

The manufacturing sector has seen a high increase in demand over the past couple of years, consequently, the demand for production supervisors isn’t expected to slow down. Besides, a production supervisor is one of the top-paying jobs in Canada.

Production supervisors can see a salary starting at $65,000 and heading upwards of $100,000 for more senior positions.

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6. Executive assistant

The average salaries of executive assistants across Canada range from $60,000 to $96,000 annually. “The employment outlook for executive assistants has been growing, with many new job openings growing across the country,” said the report.

7. Solution architect

As companies expand their information technology networks, the demand for solutions architects is increasing. The salary for this position depends on several aspects including credentials, work experience and supplementary talents. But, generally speaking, solutions architects’ salaries range from $84,000 to $130,000.

8. Forklift operator

Forklift drivers are needed to stack, move, and inventory merchandise at warehouses and fulfilment centres across the country. Their salary range from $40,000 to $58,000. With the rise of e-commerce, there has been an increase in warehouse and fulfilment centres.

9. Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers in an entry-level position start at $80,000 and $100,000 per year. Most experienced electrical engineers with five to ten years of experience can make up to $115,000.

These workers can find higher average pay in locations such as Calgary, Ontario and British Columbia. Moreover, electrical engineers that work in energy and manufacturing tend to enjoy the most competitive pay.

10. Construction project manager

This role is in high demand with the booming housing market all over Canada. Depending on the location of the position, the pay can be as much as $100,000 per annum or more.

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