IRCC’s online processing times

The new updates to IRCC’s online processing times tool

Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, announced major updates to IRCC’s online processing times tool. Further, most permanent resident and citizenship services will now use dynamic processing times.

In a recent virtual announcement, Minister Sean Fraser said he’s looking to give clients more up-to-date information by publishing, not just accurate service standards but status updates on the actual processing time.

It is important to mention that ‘service standard’ is IRCC’s commitment to process applications under normal circumstances. On the other hand, ‘processing time’ refers to the time that IRCC takes to process most complete applications.

According to the Minister of Immigration, IRCC will post new calculations weekly, based on data from the previous six months. Meanwhile, dynamic processing times for temporary residence services are already in place, based on data from the past 8 or 16 weeks.

The new processing time will also reflect the volumes of applications being processed as well as the latest operational realities. Moreover, they will allow those who want to come to Canada to make plans based on a more accurate timeline.

“Helping clients come to Canada quickly, with predictable processing times and efficient communication, remains a top priority for me. Canada is proud to be a destination of choice for so many people around the world, and we will continue to work hard to provide the best experience possible for them.” The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

IRCC’s processing times

As of March 31, processing times were the following:

Express Entry

Temporary residence application


  • Citizenship grant: 27 months, also
    – certificate (Proof of citizenship): 17 months
  • Resumption of citizenship: 23 months
  • Renunciation of citizenship: 15 months
  • Search of citizenship record: 15 months

Permanent resident (PR) cards

  • Renewing or replacing a PR card: 108 days
  • Waiting for first card: 103 days
  • Verification of status: 26 weeks

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