US residents took more than 1.7 million trips to Canada

US residents took more than 1.7 million trips to Canada in June 2022

In June 2022, the number of international arrivals to Canada continued to increase. Residents of overseas countries made over 13 times more trips to Canada in June 2022 compared with the same month in 2021. Likewise, US residents took more than 1.7 million trips to Canada in June 2022, according to Statistics Canada. This was over 13 times the number of trips seen in June 2021 (128,400). It also represented over half (57.5%) of the trips taken during the same month in 2019.

In addition, Canadian residents returned from nearly 2.0 million trips to the United States in June 2022. This was over six times the number recorded in June 2021 (310,900), and 56.9% of the pre-pandemic level from June 2019.

There is no doubt Canadians are close to Americans culturally and economically. It is also notorious that more and more people from the United States are trying to migrate to Canada. Let’s explore the opportunities for moving to Canada as a US citizen.

Can US Citizens Work in Canada?

According to our founder and RCIC, Al Parsai, a work permit is a must for US workers in Canada. However, there are several opportunities for US citizens to work in Canada. One of them is CUSMA, aka USMCA or NAFTA 2.0, an economic treaty between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

The main focus of CUSMA is the trade of goods and services between these countries. However, it also considers labour movements. Therefore, you may work as a US citizen in Canada if one of the following CUSMA provisions apply to you:

There are many other great options under the International Mobility Program that US citizens can enjoy. Here are some examples:

<<This educational video explains under what circumstances a US citizen may work in Canada>>

Canadian open work permits for US citizens

Some US citizens could qualify for an open work permit in Canada. However, the criteria for an open work permit is exceptionally tight. Consider reading the following article for more information.

Can I work in Canada without a work permit?

As an American citizen, sometimes you qualify to work in Canada without a permit. For example, professional speakers may deliver speeches in Canada. However, the events they attend must be less than five days. Click here to see a list of work options in Canada without a permit.

If you do not meet the requirements of any of the previous options, you could still work in Canada. However,

  • you need to receive a job offer from a Canadian employer, and
  • Service Canada must issue a positive LMIA letter for the job.

These lists are not comprehensive. Therefore, consult with a professional to explore your options.

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