Volunteer a claim for a short-notice hearing 2022

Volunteer a claim for a short-notice hearing

If you have a refugee claim that is ready to be heard, you can volunteer that claim for a short-notice hearing.

Normally, refugee claims are scheduled 2 to 4 months in advance. However, there are occasions when hearing slots become available only a few weeks before they are scheduled to proceed. This may happen because another hearing has been postponed, for example.

In order to provide access to as many claimants as possible, the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) keeps a list of claims that are ready to proceed on short notice (within a few weeks). Whenever there is a slot available the RPD selects a claim from the list, and the hearing slot is offered to the claimant and/or counsel.

How to volunteer a claim for a short-notice hearing?

Simply contact the RPD via My Case Portal or by email, and provide your case number. The RPD will review the request to see if it can be scheduled on short notice. If so, the RPD will contact all parties when a timeslot becomes available.

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Refugee Claims inside Canada? We could help!

If you are inside Canada and you need protection because of the fear of persecution in your home country, we could help you file a refugee claim.
Claim Refugee Status inside Canada

اعلام پناهندگی در داخل کانادا

You can also cut the line and book an official advice session today.

Disclaimer: Filing for refugee status is not an alternative for regular immigration options to Canada. This option is for those who have a genuine fear of persecution in their home country. Any misrepresentation could result in removal from Canada or even imprisonment.

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