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register a business in ontario

You can now register a Business in Ontario without a Canadian Resident on the Board

Ontario will no longer require any resident Canadians on the Board of Directors when registering a business. This policy will […]

Can minor children work in Canada?

It seems official sources are silent on the question of “Can minor children work in Canada?” This article addresses this question.

IELTS for work permit in Canada | Language for foreign workers

Do you need to take IELTS for a work permit in Canada? If yes, what are the required results? Are there alternative options?

Comparing permanent resident LMIA with high-wage and low-wage options

Canadian employers usually need to apply for an LMIA when they hire foreign nationals. LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact […]

Two-week processing time for work permit applications in Canada – Global Skills Strategy

Some work permit applications in Canada qualify for two-week processing. However, you must know the criteria and the realities.

The end of owner/operator LMIA! What is the alternative?

The end of the owner/operator LMIA means many entrepreneurs may not secure work permits in Canada. However, there is an alternative.

Can I work as an ESL student in Canada?

Can you work as an ESL student in Canada? It all depends on your status in Canada. The current article explores your options.

Comparing high-wage and low-wage LMIA

By comparing the high-wage and low-wage LMIA options, you can make an informed decision as to how to move forward.

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