Work in Canada

How to receive a Canadian work permit document

Depending on where and how you apply for a work permit in Canada, the authorities hand over the work permit document to you differently.

The Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area is home to the most tech talent in Canada

Canada’s tech workforce has been expanding fastest over the past year. The country has seen a record-level investment from homegrown […]

Can international students work in Canada?

Not every international student may work in Canada. The purpose of this article is to explore the options and explain exceptions.

Can exotic dancers get a work permit in Canada?

Can an exotic dancer or someone who works for the adult industry receive a work permit in Canada? This article offers the answer to you.

IMP job offers in Canada | Work without LMIA

An IMP job offer in Canada allows you to apply for a work permit without an LMIA. The employer must follow specific steps for these offers.

Can I work in Canada with an expired work permit?

Work permit expiry indicates the date you may not continue working in Canada. However, can you work with an expired work permit?

IMP C11 Parsai Immigration

Parsai Immigration leads the way in IMP C11 applications

IMP C11 is a work permit for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers who can significantly contribute to the Canadian economy, cultural […]

IMP C42 – An open work permit for spouses of international students

An introduction to IMP C42: a work permit option for an international student’s spouses or common-law partners in Canada!

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